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My wife and I are interested in our genealogy and this web site is an attempt to share information we have uncovered about our ancestors. Hopefully, this information will help other researchers, and entice some to contact us to share information, with each other, about our families.

You might also visit my web site dedicated to the USS Holder Association and the two US Navy ships, DE401 and DD819, which were named USS Holder at USS Holder site .



"Families are like fudge...
Mostly sweet with a few nuts!"

..................author unknown


I would like to begin with a caution. Please do not accept everything on this site, or any site, as fact. Mistakes are easy to make and they occur often, just look at a few census records if you need proof. I have verified much of this information, but there are some items from other sources that I have not verified and there are what I consider logical suppositions.

Please feel free to contact me if you have information that seems to conflict with mine or if you would like to share or discuss information. The goal here is to get it right.


Here come the ancestors....

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